Success Case #1 : Vehicle Tracking System for Hong Kong International Airport (5,000 Vehicles)

In 2015, after stringent qualification and tendering process, Airport Authority awarded a 5-year Contract to DigiMobi Technology Ltd to build and manage a "Vehicle Tracking System".  The System has to perform real-time location monitoring for up to 5,000 vehicles & Ground Support Equipment inside Airport Restricted Area.

Airport Authority mandated that every Vehicle/GSE in the airfield must install GPS Tracker
Web Interfaces
Our Technical Service Team created a new record : "More than 2,000 Installations within 1 Year"
Indoor Location Tracking using RFID

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Success Case #2 : Eternal East Bus has been using GPS Finder service to manage China-HK roaming vehicles since 2011

Eternal East Bus has been using GPS Finder service since 2011
Everyday, a big vehicle fleet of East Eternal Bus roams between Hong Kong and China
GPS Finder provides a seamless map that connects HK and Mainland China
The Assistant GM of East Eternal Bius recommended our service during a media interview

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Success Case #3 : "Motion-Eye" CCTV System for 100+ Trucks from Cathay Pacific Catering Services

The biggest challenge was on the installation of CCTV Cameras for the Elevating Platform

Success Case #4 Equipment Height Monitoring System for HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Project

The project is to ensure compliance to Airport Height Restriction enforced by Civil Aviation Dept
After installation, there will be stringent calibration

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Success Case #5 : Custom-made GPS Tracker for Feral Cows

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